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Depending on whom you ask, Matthew Dear (born in Kingsville, Texas, USA) is a DJ, a dance-music producer, an experimental pop artist, a bandleader. He co-founded both Ghostly International and its dancefloor offshoot, Spectral Sound. He’s had remixes commissioned by The xx, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Hot Chip, The Postal Service and The Chemical Brothers; he’s made mixes for the Fabric mix series and Get Physical’s Body Language.

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Top Tracks:

  1. Her Fantasy
  2. Earthforms
  3. You Put a Smell on Me
  4. Honey
  5. Headcage
  6. Slowdance
  7. Little People (Black City)
  8. Up & Out
  9. Fighting Is Futile
  10. Ahead of Myself

Top Albums:

  1. Black City
  2. Asa Breed
  3. Leave Luck to Heaven
  4. Her Fantasy
  5. Slowdance EP
  6. Asa Breed Black Edition
  7. Headcage
  8. You Put A Smell On Me
  9. Don and Sherri
  10. Backstroke