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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Example is a rapper from Fulham, West London in the United Kingdom. Formerly signed to The Beats label run by Mike Skinner (The Streets) 2) Example is also an underground hiphop duo from Houston, Texas. 1. Example's birth name is Elliot Gleave. According to the Kickstarts Songfacts, Gleave's performing name goes back to his schooldays when he was rapping in the playground and some guy nicknamed him Example from his initials EG.

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Top Tracks:

  1. Changed The Way You Kiss Me
  2. One More Day (Stay With Me)
  3. Kickstarts
  4. Midnight Run
  5. Changed The Way You Kiss Me - Radio Edit
  6. Stay Awake
  7. Kickstarts - Radio Edit
  8. Perfect Replacement
  9. 10 Million People
  10. Kids Again - Radio Edit

Top Albums:

  1. Changed The Way You Kiss Me
  2. Won't Go Quietly
  3. The Evolution Of Man
  4. Kickstarts
  5. Kids Again
  6. All the Wrong Places
  7. Perfect Replacement
  8. What We Made
  9. Close Enemies
  10. Say Nothing