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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Architects are a Technical Metalcore band from Brighton, England.
2) Architects were a -violence band brought up with members of Austin, Texas' own Toru Okada. Now known as the band Faithealer.
3) Architects (also The Architects) is also the name used by a Kansas City Soul Rock band who've released 4 albums (Keys To The Building 2005, Revenge 2006, Vice 2007 and The Hard Way 2009).

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Top Tracks:

  1. Naysayer
  2. Gravedigger
  3. Broken Cross
  4. The Devil Is Near
  5. C.A.N.C.E.R
  6. Dead Man Talking
  7. Red Hypergiant
  8. Colony Collapse
  9. Castles In The Air
  10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Top Albums:

  1. Daybreaker
  2. The Here And Now
  3. Hollow Crown
  4. Ruin
  5. Nightmares
  6. Split EP
  7. Devil's Island
  8. Heartburn
  9. Lost Forever / Lost Together
  10. Revenge