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John Digweed is a British DJ and record producer. He began DJing at around age 13. He realised the only way to break through was to start his own nightclub and book the big names like Carl Cox for him to play with. His break finally came when Sasha (real name Alexander Coe) played at Digweed's Bedrock nightclub in Hastings. Sasha, impressed by what he heard, offered Digweed the residency with him at the now seminal club Renaissance, at that time in Mansfield.

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Top Tracks:

  1. John Digweed Live in Cordoba - Continuous Mix CD 1
  2. Structures - Continuous Mix CD1
  3. Mantis (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Christian Smith & Wehbba)
  4. Gridlock - Henry Saiz Remix
  5. Red Tape (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Marco Bailey)
  6. First Line
  7. Live off the Grid
  8. Am I Awake
  9. Capoeira
  10. Stay in the Present

Top Albums:

  1. Structures
  2. John Digweed Live in Cordoba
  3. Gridlock
  4. Transitions
  5. John Digweed - Live in Toronto
  6. MMII
  7. Bedrock
  8. John Digweed (Live in Miami)
  9. John Digweed (Live in Argentina)
  10. Stark Raving Mad